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"Pastor, I lost my job! can you help me?"

How prepared are you to answer these questions? Does your church have a vibrant job transition ministry?


We have everything you need to get started, to raise support, to recruit volunteers and to implement, promote, and operate a successful job transition ministry.

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Recent Graduate Photos

Rawles with Grad John Wayne Dossey

Rawles with Grads YVette Harper and Traci Young

Mary Shannon with Grad Karen Perkins

Grads Jennifer Hetrick and Michelle Nash with Rawles

Rawles with Grads Michael Botello,
Patricia Bleigh, Neil Stuckas

Grad Kavin Stuckly with Rawles

Grads Frank Lugenheim & Pauline Crawford with Rawles

Grads Ervin Kingsbury III, Kimberly Nelson & Kathleen Saddled with Rawles

Rawles with grads Caleb Carr & Joyce Shipley

Grad Marilyn Morris with Rawles

Grad Rhonda Glenn with Rawles

Grad Beth Smart with Rawles

CSW Leader Bart Castle with Grad Jay Noel

Rawles with Grads Mary Jo Flores & Jay Peters

Rawles with Grads Bart Castle & Tracey Bader

Rawles with Nancy Louthen, Michelle Lewis & Cindy Blagg

Rawles with Julia Dalavai

Rawles with Steven Jones

Rawles with Grad Paola Enriquez

Grad Jack Vise with CSW Leader Maureen Walkinshaw

Rawles with grad, Letty Erfurt

Harold Smith, Rawles & Molly Laughlin

Rawles & Grads Lisa Sanders, Doug Ammerman, Tori Coward

Greg Kinnan, Linda Kromer, Rawles & Mitch Olson

David Rawles with Kim Taylor


A 12-week how-t0 workshop designed to help you in your career goals


Our workshop teaches job search skills such as resume construction, interviewing techniques, networking, letter writing, targeting jobs within industries and companies, salary negotiation and search planning.

These sessions are for job seekers in any state of transition, whether unemployed, under-employed or unhappily employed.


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More Graduate Photos

Grads Marlon Cubero and Johnna Wilson with Rawles

Grad Hansjurg Kohler with Jim Curry

Grad Karen Nissan with Mary Shannon

Rawles with grad Danielle Hughes

Grad Don Champlin with Steve Rose

Grads Janet Thomas and Caprice Bennett with Rawles

Olga Papadopoulou, Rawles & Deborah Lane

Grad Jay Peters with CSW Leader Maureen Walkinshaw

Rawles with Grad Craig Blackstone

CSW Leader Mary Shannon with Grad Kay Bernier

CSW Leader Fred Gehring with Grad J. Carpenter

Kevin Love with Rawles

Rawles with Nancy Fenner

Dean Bohlman with Rawles

Rawles with Grad Sam Benham

Phyllis Jones & Roz Winn with Rawles

Tiffany Guarino with Rawles

Rawles with Donielle Barnhart

Rawles with Vanessa Austin & Bill Brown

Rawles with Grad Caleb Lugenheim

Rawles with Grads (l-r) Ed Bazan, Lori Manley, & Georgi Moshelov

Carolyn Taylor with Rawles

Rawles with Mark Schneider & Jeannine Frank